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November 10, 2008

Kelly from the delightful blog The Misadventures of Kelly and Kelly tagged me. And since I am doing this whole NaBloPoMo thing, the timing couldn't have been better.

Seven random facts about me. Here goes:

1. I had both of my babies completely drug-free. The births were the most difficult and rewarding things I have ever been through. And I wouldn't have done it any other way. I realize this also makes me just the teensiest bit crazy in most people's minds.

2. Although I absolutely love shoes, I spend most days of the year barefoot or wearing flip flops. I hate having my feet constricted, I guess.

3. I was cooking my family complete meals by the time I was 10. One of my first "specialties" was buttermilk biscuits. I really wish I still had that recipe.

4. Growing up, I had an alter ego that I named "Martha Beauty." She was my more sophisticated, beautiful, grown-up self. It is a little embarrassing to admit, because it sounds like I am talking about, you know, The Martha. But I didn't know who Martha Stewart was.

5. I knew I would marry B within seconds of meeting him. Also, the first time I met him in person, we didn't say a word, but he did give me a kiss on the cheek and put a Baci chocolate in my hand.

6. I didn't celebrate any holidays growing up. That (and other things) made for a very unusual childhood.

7. I was born at home without a doctor present. My parents were total hippies. I spent my first year or so in an A-Frame cabin (no electricity or running water) that my dad built in a small town on the Oregon Coast. No doubt this is where my obsession with teepees comes from.

I tag:

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  1. You're on! I will do my best to come up with something worthy of you :)

  2. Fun facts. We have number 1 in common. Most people tend to think Im crazy when I mention it, too. If I were able to give birth again, I can't imagine doing it any other way.

  3. thank you so much for the tag, love! i actually already did this, but i loved reading about how you met your husband. could that be any more romantic??? xo

  4. thanks for sharing. It's great to know more about you... I second the barefoot/flip flop arrangement. I have so many shoes, never or lightly worn. My husband says it's more of a shrine than accessories, as I never wear any in favor of barefoot/flops. You're blog is really really a great, fun read, inspirational and even motivational... is that a word? I've even started cooking more thanks to you!

  5. We must really be long lost twins - I'm a natural childbirth enthusiast too.

  6. I had my first baby with an epidural and I really didn't ever want to go through childbirth again. I had my second without and it was the most amazing thing ever. I want to have another baby whenever I think about it. love the randoms

  7. You seem like a very fulfilled person. Love your blog!

  8. jora, i loved reading your seven randoms. #5 is the sweetest thing i ever heard. also, i too spent part of my childhood in a quirky cabin sans modern conveniences that my dad built. wild!

  9. I will try to do this sometime in the next week. :)

    It's cool to learn more about you. Your family sounds so interesting! Are they still hippies?

  10. Ok- I finally did this! With a little twist, of course...


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