November 6, 2008

Is your kid like mine? He wants to have the same story read to him night after night after night get the point. I try hiding the book and gleefully exclaiming "Oh look! Oh, The Places You'll Go!" "Skippyjon Jones!" "Heck I'll read you Thomas the Train's Big Adventure!" But no, it's back to Winnie the Pooh (it's a collection of stories which aren't bad at all, I'm just a little sick of them, you know?) So, we end up reading the "Winnie the Pooh Walks Around the Neighborhood" story (or whatever the title is) most nights. In the story, Pooh decides to take a "neighborly gift" of (you guessed it) a honeypot to his friend Piglet. (As an aside, what is up with that androgynous bear without any pants??)

Well, the other day, our little man announced to us, "I am going to take this neighborly gift to Nelson!" Nelson is our 85 year old neighbor, and in C-Man's hands are some oatmeal cookies we baked and a few random things from the garden. How cute is that??

(By the way, C-Man's father dressed him that morning.)


  1. OK that is the cutest example of kids learning great manners and values from reading with mom in a long time. Aren't moments like that the real point of family reading anyway?! So adorable. Love his outfit too:-)

  2. C-man is awesome. And I love his outfit.

  3. Lia always choses the worst books as her favorites. I'm really careful about the books I bring into the house now, and make sure it's one that I won't mind reading a thousand times.

    That being said, I love that he wanted to take a neighborly gift.

  4. Adorable. Neighborly gift. I love it.



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