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November 29, 2008

Are you looking for some cards that will stand out a bit from the crowd? I have decided to share a source that I had kept to myself because, hey, I didn't want everyone else sending my same cards! But, I have used them for too many occasions in the last couple of years, so I thought it was time to let you all in. I never see this company mentioned in the usual places: magazines, blogs, etc., and I don't know why. They really are so much nicer than your average photocard or birth announcement. Heavy cardstock, bright colors, good font. And for you greenies out there, they will also send beautiful e-cards. No carbon footprint guilt!

Awesome company, by the way, run by mom Stephanie Socie. Totally professional and timely. Won't make you feel bad for changing things around a hundred times (ahem). And the design? Totally modern, fresh, superior. Kind of like yourself.
I super especially totally love this "Peace" design. You can use any languages you want:

And because Stephanie is such a cool person, she is offering all D.R. readers Free Shipping. Just enter "Domestic08" at checkout. Note that the cut-off to receive orders before the holidays is December 5th.


  1. Wow - your very own special code! I am impressed! ;-)

  2. nice... sure you don't want to post some of your very own previous holiday cards!!! by the way, my daughter Stella is in love with C-Man after repeatedly watching his version of swinging on a star! :-)

  3. I almost ordered these cards this year but couldn't find a layout that worked with my pictures.

    I like the Peace cards a lot.

  4. Thanks for the nice compliments! I'm glad to know that my customer service is appreciated. :)

    Mama BJ: I am always happy to tweak designs to make them work with your photos. And on occasion I even come with something brand new and custom if needed. Next time you're interested, feel free to drop me a line and I'll do a mock-up at no charge!


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