Keeping Up With Magazines.

November 25, 2008

Ever since #2 arrived a year ago, I can officially no longer keep up with my magazine subscriptions. Now, we all know one of the great, simple pleasures in my world involves a hot bath and a brand new magazine, so it is actually quite sad that I now have piles of magazines I no longer read.

This past weekend however, B and I found ourselves with one of the ultimate parental luxuries: an entire afternoon at home without the kids. Yes, you read that correctly. My mom came over and took C-Man and Baby J to my parents' house from about noon to 5 p.m. Pure bliss, people, let me tell you. B and I had never been in our house alone, if you can believe that!

We napped, watched a movie, and, yes, I got to read a few magazines. One of which was the September issue of Domino (I had been through it quickly a couple of months ago, but hadn't dissected it, if you know what I mean). When I came across Vanessa Bruno's apartment in the Marais district of Paris, I about fell over. As in B couldn't communicate with me for a couple of minutes. Now, I love most all homes that Domino features, but this one. This one could be mine. All mine. Take a lookie.

The living room is fabulous. Rustic, open beam ceilings, light and airy furniture. Lots of natural light. Sleek and modern, but with a rustic, homespun feel. Sort of the epitome of "organic modern," as The City Sage calls it.

Don't you just love it??

photos via the style files


  1. oh i remember this one well...she did such a wonderful job mixing soft and hard, dark and light colors. all of the juxtapositions are beautiful and i still haven't gotten the image out of my head!

  2. This one was fabulous, wasn't it? I don't think I properly appreciated it at the time...I'll have to paw through my giant stacks of old magazines and re-visit it (seriously, those things are a fire hazard!)

    Those wood floors are just to die for, and I love the glam touches of purple here and there.

  3. Don't get me started on my magazine piles! It's downright depressing. Maybe if I shut my computer off for a week I could get through some.

    Anyway, I too love the beamed ceiling and mix of rustic, organic mod.

  4. I LOVED this home too! It really strikes that delicate balance between airy & cozy. I especially loved her little still life arrangements on the shelves, like little visual poems. A lived-in touch without looking cluttered.

  5. I almost fell over too when I saw this place. So very my style!

    What are your favorite magazines?
    I'm always looking for new ones. (Mine are Domino and Living, Etc. (when I can get my hands on a in the U.S.)

  6. pretty amazing. the kind of amazing that makes me wistful and bit discontented :)

  7. Sunny: I love Living, Etc. too! But you're right -- a bit hard to find in the States.... I also love Sunset, Gourmet, Mothering and Cookie. I weaned myself off gossip mags!

  8. Hi Jora, I am new to blog land and have enjoyed reading your blog so much I am inspired to start my own. Can you tell me what process you go through to place images from other webs or blogs on your site? Do you request permission each time or just credit them, including a link to their site and ensure that you are not hotlinking??


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