November 18, 2008

I really love the idea of online magazines. I mean, think about it:

1. Magazine
2. Internet
3. Saving the trees and other resources
4. Free

What's not to love? I especially like this magazine, LMNOP, an Australian magazine about design for children.

I will never give up real magazines, however. They are the most rewarding $2 I will ever spend. Jora's Happy Night = Bath, Candles, Fancy Bath Products, Stack of New Magazines. Can't do that with a laptop. Oh well.


  1. my perfect night is alarmingly similar to yours! add a piece of chocolate somewhere in the mix and i'm in heaven!

  2. Magazines (Elle Decor, Domino, Cookie and Travel & Leisure) and chocolate sound perfect to me too! By the way, I love the australian online magazine-- thanks for sharing!

  3. ditto. for your evening with suds & a good mag or two. usually i just look at your lovely blog, but had to comment on your thoughts of changing your name. i like the name of your blog. obviously, it is up to you. but if we were to vote, i would say keep the name.

  4. I used to LOOOOVE getting in a hot bath with a glass of wine or a beer and a magazine or book. If you're sore or not feeling good - a couple of advil right before the bath is a good soother too. It seems to help it absorb somehow.


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