Sunday Supper.

November 24, 2008

James and AliceQ were nice enough to invite us to a lovely Sunday Supper at their home yesterday afternoon/evening. I sort of made one of those parental faux pas and assumed it was OK to bring kids (moms, has that ever happened to you?). Anyway, James and AliceQ were gracious and accommodating despite the fact no other kids were there and they weren't really expecting ours to come.

Luckily, C-Man was on his best behavior. So cute, in fact. He held B's hand while walking in (he had heard about their rather large and *friendly* dogs and he didn't completely believe us that they would be locked up in the dog run). He smiled and said hello to the other guests and then went on his own tour of the house. A few minutes later he came to find me (Champagne in one hand, cheese straw in the other, chatting away), and pulled me down to his height and whispered:
"Mama, where is the room for the children?"

I told him there wasn't one, and his face fell. He insisted we go look for one anyway, which we did. When he finally realized there wasn't a "children's room" -- not sure if he was looking for children to play with or perhaps toys -- he said:

"Oh, noooooooo!" (As if, "What will I ever do with myself now??")

Fortunately, we were able to distract him from a meltdown by whisking him away to the lovely backyard, complete with a tangerine tree to pick ripe fruit from (ours does not have fruit ready to pick yet), little LED "candles" to switch on and off, and a nice low wall upon which to walk around the perimeter of the yard. Three things that proved to be immensely entertaining for a three year old. Even without other children to play with.

We had freshly-shucked oysters (courtesy of Candace) and Perrier-Jouet champagne to start. How lucky are we? (I told you this wasn't a kids' party!)
I'll betcha AliceQ is going to post about the menu on her blog, so be sure to check it out!


  1. Did I really sound that surprised when you said you were bringing them? ;-) It worked out perfectly - I wouldn't hesitate to do it again, but I might invite some other people with kids over so Charlie would have someone to play with. He did seem awfully sad for us when I told him we don't have any! Thanks also for the amazing brussel sprout gratin!

  2. I've done that, too. At least Alice seems really cool and who wouldn't want to see a little C-man wandering around a party!

  3. Sounds like a lovely dinner and you got lucky with babes on their best behavior. I can relate to C-Man's question my Big has been known to ask, "Excuse me, where's your playroom?". Note to self pre-warn. :)

  4. thesweetlifewitholivesNovember 24, 2008 at 11:24 PM

    What a beautiful table top... and minor cringe moment with 'uninvited kids'. Sounds like it worked out great anyway... reminds me of time recently when I mixed up the day and my husband and I showed up for dinner at a friends house with them in their pjs with their son sitting down for dinner... dinner party was the following night! We had arranged sitter only for the wrong night, so we missed the party anyway. My husband wanted to crawl under a rock but we went for dinner anyway and everything worked out. Still, it was a mini cringe moment I won't forget soon!


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