Here's a Brunch I Could Get Into.

November 2, 2008

I always like the idea of brunch, but in reality it almost always disappoints. Too much headache-inducing (bad) sweet food, mediocre coffee...also, I am not a fan of the mimosa (sorry). I always seem to have that food/caffeine/alcohol coma feeling after brunch. And trust me, you do not want that feeling when you have many hours of playing "I'll be the T-Rex, you be the Dinosaur Bird" ahead of you that very same afternoon.

Several months back, Gourmet had a menu for a completely gorgeous over-the-top Southern ("Low Country") Brunch. Now this I could go for. They posted many of the photos online. Here are a few:
A lemon, lime and grapefruit champagne punch with brandy and fresh mint. Also, pimento cheese on toasts. Now, that's what I'm talking about. A grown-up cocktail!

Creamy stone-ground grits with shrimp. Um, yes please.

Baked eggs with cream, spinach and country ham. Perfect for dipping some biscuit in....

Buttermilk biscuits with whipped butter and sugared blackberries. (If there are any left after the egg dish, that is.)

Bourbon pecan tarts with boiled coffee. I don't know about you, but my brunches are always perfectly styled like this....

This is only about half of the recipes -- I told you it was over the top! Check out the whole menu here.

photos by Mikkel Vang via Gourmet


  1. All right, so instead of Sunday Supper we do Sunday Brunch... you in?? :-)

  2. As if I needed another excuse to eat biscuits :)

    And I've never tried grits, but if they are even half as delicious as polenta then I'll be a happy girl indeed!

  3. I admit that I am already a huge fan of the brunch (but then again, I adore mimosas, and any excuse to drink champagne in the morning works for me!) but these photos are over the top gorgeous! I think I'll have to try some of these ideas.
    I usually end up making my savory bread pudding for brunches, because it's hearty and not sweet and you can make it the night before. The recipe is on my blog in the "cooking" tag section.


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