For the Love of Gifting (#2).

November 15, 2008

A kid can never have too many books. Why not go vintage? Here is a set of Golden Books that you just might remember from your childhood. The Saggy Baggy Elephant, Dumbo, The Color Kittens, and Busiest Fire Fighters Ever! All for $12.


  1. Ooh! Richard Scarry all the way---I still love to flip through his books. Home for a Bunny is a classic...

    Books are truly the one thing that a child can't have too many of.

  2. I just picked up a thrifted copy of The Saggy Baggy Elephant for my babe a few weeks ago. I loved it as a kid. :)

  3. ooh la la! we are loving the saggy baggy elephant at our house right now. so cute and classic.

  4. I'm a big fan of Golden Books, too. I've picked up quite a few vintage ones over the years, but I see new sets at Target and various bookstores now and then, too.

    To me, there is nothing better than reading books to your children that you also read as a child.


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