Swinging on a Star.

November 26, 2008

Since about the time C-Man started talking (not just words, but little phrases), he has always been a singer. Sometimes we get the *joy* of waking up to him singing in his room. (Problem is, it is usually still pitch black out. Any ideas on how to get him to sleep later? We've tried EVERYTHING.) Off and on during the day, we get to hear him singing to himself around the house or performing a new song for us. His personality is such that he obsessively sings the same song over and over and over until he moves onto a new one. "Swinging on a Star" by Bing Crosby is what we've been hearing from him lately.

Not familiar with the old tune? I urge you to refresh yourself with this clip from YouTube:

Now go ahead and feast your eyes and ears on this rendition by the one and only C-Man.

Swinging on a Star. from domestic reflections on Vimeo.


  1. Toooo cute! Happy Thanksgiving my friend(s)! Missing you much!

  2. Ok that just made my day, so adorable!

    Does C-Man still nap? If he does maybe it's time to shorten it or [cry] try to give it up. It's difficult to give up that precious quiet time but sometimes it makes bedtime easier and then they sleep longer. That's just what worked for us with our Big. Hope you find a solution to those early mornings.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. He's going to be quite the performer in a few years! (Side note: I'm related to Bing Crosby!) Ava was always a really early riser and is only just not starting to sleep in a bit. He'll figure it out!

  4. That should've read *now.* I need more coffee... :)

  5. What a sweet singing voice, C-Man has. You should take him to that new Bing Crosby's restaurant at FV and let him loose. He'd be the toast of the whole joint!

    As for sleeping later, we dropped Til's nap a couple of weeks ago in favor of quiet time with books, and it has done wonders. Or there's always spring forward . . .

  6. Love that he knows the words to that song. Your family is my role model.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  7. I have read many a rave about this (kinda ugly) device: http://www.bunnyclock.com/

    But this advice from Parenthacks might be worth a try: http://www.parenthacks.com/2007/08/how-to-keep-kid.html

  8. oh my goodness! the cuteness is too much!!

  9. Adorable. Em watched C-man sing. He loved it! About sleep issues, we dropped the afternoon nap and it seems to help, however some days he still needs one. Good luck and I WILL take you up on the coffee offer, still no C1000 yet. Boo.Hoo.

  10. C-man has got some talent. I especially love that his song of choice isn't something from backyardigans or those other kiddie shows. I know that c-man doesn't watch tv (neither does my daughter) and I think you just gave everyone else a good reason to steer clear of the tv and try some classic music instead!!


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