Mullein Garlic for Earaches.

November 4, 2008

You aren't going to get a lot of health advice from me. I don't claim to be any sort of expert. I am, however, always on the lookout for alternative remedies. I hate giving my kids traditional medicine, especially antibiotics. So, when C-Man had his one and only earache (lucky us), I bought a bottle of this. I can't tell you if it worked...that's the trouble with kids. They can't tell us these sorts of things. But, yesterday, when I had my first earache in, oh, 30+ years... I got this out of the medicine cabinet, warmed it up and had B drop about 3 or 4 drops in my ear. I covered it with a warm washcloth and rested on my side for about a half hour. Can you believe it? My THROBBING earache that had lasted all day was nearly gone. Within a couple of minutes. And this morning, nothing. I am totally convinced. There's lots of information on the Internet so you can read for yourself if you're interested.


  1. YES, I've heard incredible things about it so it's in our herbal remedy kit but thank goodness we've never had to use it. Glad it worked for you...Other natural remedies for earaches include coconut oil with some tea tree oil...or warmed up olive oil w/ some crushed garlic...

  2. I'm buying this, your testimonial is all I need!

  3. Good to know, I'll be buying this to keep on hand. Thanks again for the great tip.


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