Charley Harper at Old Navy? Really?

November 9, 2008

My sister just found out she's having a boy!! And you know what that means...she's going to be sending me all sorts of links to cool boys stuff. Like this morning. Did you know Old Navy has Charley Harper T-Shirts? Check these out. Sooooo not Old Navy, right?

And a cute Charley Harper coloring book and peg puzzle. Better put those on my gift lists.


  1. I love Charley Harper. How cool of Old Navy!

  2. I know! SO fabulous of Old Navy to do this line. Makes me excited for what else they might have up their sleeves...

  3. That makes sense since Todd Oldham is a big fan and is now designing for Old Navy. Anything with charlie harper is a good thing (to borrow a phrase from Martha) :-)

  4. thanks for the tip - those are going on some of my christmas lists. i tagged you on my blog!


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