Acapulco, Take Me Away.

December 19, 2008

Every year, right about this time, yours truly starts dreaming of relaxing vacations in warm places in foreign countries with many tropical drinks and nice servers in crisp white short sleeved shirts. I blame the Resort Wear Collections which get introduced right around the holidays....just to make sure we all keep buying up new clothes. What can I say? I am a complete sucker for this type of marketing.

Usually, my thoughts drift south of the border to Mexico. Now, I know there are two types of people: those who love Mexico and those who don't. I wholeheartedly fall in the former group. I love the people, the culture, the landscapes, the food, yeah, just about everything. I'm one of those types that even likes driving through the barren, littered deserts of Baja California through towns with nary a gift shop or swimming pool in sight. And I actually think it's gorgeous. (Can you tell I am in need of one of those vacations?) Don't worry about me...I also love the crazy beautiful, over the top, five star resorts too. I can go low brow or high brow if we're talking warm relaxing vacation.

One place I have not been in Mexico (there are many) is Acapulco. Not surprising, really. So many other fabulous places to go: Puerto Vallarta, Zijuatanejo, or my personal favorite, the Yucatan. Remember those awful commercials in the '80s by the Acapulco Tourism Group? "The Mexican Riviera!" "Come, let us indulge your every whim!" I guess Acapulco used to be the place to go in the 1950s and '60s. It probably was sort of like the Mexican Riviera, come to think of it. Cliffs hanging over the water. Warm, temperate weather. Movie stars. Beautiful light. I've heard Acapulco is trying to recapture the magic of that time. I just read that the famous Las Brisas Resort has had a total makeover and let's just say: I. Want. To. Go. NOW!!
Check out these cool little mid-century bungalows with just the right amount of kitsch:
All (or at least most, I can't tell for sure) have their own private pools with views over the bay. And you know what that don't have to go to one of those creepy nudist resorts to skinny dip on vacation!

Some of the bungalows have these cool indoor-outdoor pools. And interior rock walls. I love you, all things mid-century modern.

An interior shot of one of the rooms. Nice view, eh?
Several people who were lucky enough to stay here have told me about this little cubby in your courtyard that gets filled with hot coffee and pastries each morning. You don't even have to call room service. It just shows up.

In case you were wondering, this is where B and I would sit and have our "muchas tequilas" each night while watching the sunset.

OK, who wants to go with??


  1. I've been feeling the same way, which is why I finally posted some of the Cinque Terre pics yesterday. We used to go to Mexico quite a bit when I was growing up. I've not been in years, but feel free to sign me up! :) The beach sounds heavenly right about now.

  2. Those pics look nice, but I think this is the year everyone should be vacationing in the good old USA supporting our economy.

    We all are worried about jobs. There are great resorts in the US just dying for your business, why spend money out of the country and take jobs away from Americans?

    If you like mid century modern, Palm Springs, California is the mid century modern capital of the US. Lots of cool buildings there.

    They even have a midcentury modern nudist resort in Palm Springs. And it isn't creepy, it is one of the most popular and best hoels in town.

    So vacation American, the job you save may be your own.

    P.S. I am a past president of the Chamber of Commerce in Palm Springs.

  3. I'll go! And Tom Mulhall should refrain from hijacking someone else's blog post to promote his own agenda. Get your own blog buddy! It's enough to makes me never want to write about Palm Springs ever again.

  4. Not to make you feel bad ,but my little family and I are heading down to Cabo for New Years. I'll think of you while I'm sipping a Margarita.
    I have to say the place we are staying is not as fab as the one you shared. That place looks amazing. It looks more like a grown up trip. Adios

  5. No kidding Alice Q - the irony is that I think Jora is a big fan of PS. But I guess she's not allowed to also like places outside of the states? Whatever.

  6. Me,me, oh please take me with you. We are way over due for our girls trip - con Baby J....

  7. 180/360: I haven't been able to get your Cinque Terre photos out of my head since I first saw them. Such a magical place.

    Tom: Thanks for stopping by! As it so happens, I have never turned down a trip to P.S. Although I have never been to the nudist resort...will have to try that out!

    AliceQ: Thanks for the blog support! ;)

    Mybelle: I'll try to not hold that against you. Have a great time!

    Krista: see AliceQ comment above.

    Anon: Don't know who you are, but I am always up for a girls trip!

  8. I'm THERE! Can I stow away in your luggage? And I love the style of these little bungalows...they would for sure have to search me to make sure I wasn't trying to make it back to the states with any of those great mid-century chairs...sort of like the extreme design freak's version of stealing the hotel towels!

  9. Mmmm... you're right about the perfect amount of kitch! Love it! I am a huge Mexico fan... and just recently fell for Zihautanejo! I linked my pictures to my name. :)

  10. me encanta los viajes a mexico! major mexico person here. and that hotel looks amazing.

  11. I have stayed at the lovely Las Brisas and it is amazing! The staff even floats fresh flowers in your little bungalow pool each day. It is very relaxing.


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