Meal Planning Monday.

December 29, 2008


Leftover Smoked Turkey, Broccoli and Black Bean Soup based on the George's at the Cove recipe


Pasta a la Norma (eggplant, tomato and basil)


Not for sure, but I want to do Fondue after Joslyn wrote about it (problem is, I don't have a fondue pot....maybe we can eat it really fast)


Lentil Soup
Green Salad


Potato Pancakes


  1. Jora you should run to Tuesday Morning or even Target to get one. A fondue pot while not a necessity comes in really handy from time to time.

  2. Sarah -- You are so right. I have wanted one for as long as I can remember, yet can't bring myself to buy one. Makes no sense. They even have very cool (and cheap) vintage ones on ebay.

  3. I love that soup from George's! Thanks for the reminder...I need to make it again soon! And I agree - you should totally get a fondue pot. I have 2 since I do fondue on Christmas Eve every year - one for the cheese and one for the chocolate. Happy New Year!

  4. Do you have a potato pancake recipe? thanks

  5. Yes to fondue! I have happily adopted my husband's family's tradition of Christmas Eve fondue... we use one from the 60s or 70s -- probably a wedding gift. get that pot, you won't regret it. :)

  6. misadventures.....I basically use this recipe for potato pancakes. Sometimes I substitute some carrot, apples and/or zucchini for part of the potatos (to make them a bit lighter) or I make a batch using sweet potatoes. And I love to top them with sour cream and apple sauce!


    1 medium onion
    3 pound russet (baking) potatoes (about 6)
    2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
    1/3 cup all-purpose flour
    3 large eggs, lightly beaten
    About 1 cup vegetable oil for frying

    Cut onion lengthwise to fit feed tube of a food processor, then grate with medium shredding disk. Transfer to a large bowl (do not clean processor).

    Peel potatoes and put in a bowl of cold water. Cut potatoes lengthwise to fit feed tube, then grate and add to onions. Toss with lemon juice, then with flour, 2 teaspoons salt, and 1 teaspoon pepper. Add eggs and stir to coat. Transfer to a colander set over a bowl (potatoes will release juices).

    Preheat oven to 200°F. Heat 1/4 inch oil to 360°F in a 12-inch heavy skillet over medium heat (or drop a little piece of batter in oil and if it sizzles right away, you're good to go). Using a 1/4-cup measure, scoop 4 or 5 mounds of potato mixture into skillet. Flatten with a fork to form 3 1/2-to 4-inch pancakes. Cook until golden brown, 2 1/2 to 3 minutes per side. Transfer to a paper-towel-lined baking sheet and keep warm in oven while making more latkes.


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