For All You Fellow Coffee Freaks/Lovers/Junkies.

December 3, 2008

Check out this piece in the New York Time today. Thanks to B for sending it my way. One junkie to another!


  1. oh coffee. i often envy people who don't drink coffee, to tell you the truth. but then i feel sorry for them because they don't have something so simple and wonderful and inspiring and delicious and warm to look forward to every morning.

    and... my parents took brock and i to Urbane Solace while we were down in san diego for thanksgiving! it was delicious. i've directed them to aliceqfoodie's blog for all their dining needs. you guys have the best neighborhood for food.

  2. Just a cruel reminder that my "repaired" coffee maker has yet to be sent back from the manufacturer. Don't they know that we are addicted! Don't the KNOW????

  3. What a sweet little piece! Not 20 minutes ago I was telling my husband how much I was already looking forward to my coffee tomorrow! I start thinking about it pretty much as soon as dinner is over every night...

  4. Yummy coffee. I actually relax at night as I drift off in bed thinking about the coffee which will await me in the morning. My kids, since they could say 2 words have known that first thing in the a.m. 'mommy coffee' and when they pretend play restaurant or cook, they always make me an imaginary coffee. I guess it's nothing to be proud of, but I LOVE coffee. Needless to say I never even drank it before having kids. Self medication:-)

  5. well, you are responsible for probably my favorite possession: the espresso-maker, so you know how i feel about the java! My husbdna calls me an addict. I think the worst part of pregnancy was losing my coffee cravings for the first tri-mester. Such a simple pleasure. I honestly can't really relate to people who don't drink coffee :-)


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