Pickles, Pickles, Pickles.

December 4, 2008

I have always been way crazy for anything pickled. I love tart anything really, but pickles = sour + crunchy = snacking bliss. Plus they are perfect with a grilled cheese sandwich. It's no wonder that I am totally intrigued by Rick's Picks, a whole line of pickles made by a (very cute) guy who lives in Brooklyn. His pickles have been turning up everywhere: Saveur, The Martha Stewart Show, Domino, Apartment Therapy... In other words, they are sort of HOT right now. I really wouldn't care but for the fact that I crave something good and sour almost everyday. (What does that say about me anyway? I was reading the Eat Right For Your Blood Type book recently and apparently I am supposed to stay far away from all things vinegar. Figures.)

Anyway, back to the pickles. I was thinking they would be a cute gift idea. Rick has these ready-made gift packs on his site: The Pregnancy Pack, The BBQ Pack, Best Sellers and Others. Even a Pickle Club (everyone's doing those club things these days).

Personally, the Pickled Beets (in a rosemary, lemon and ginger brine...which won an award at the Fancy Food Show in NY) and the Windy City Wasabeans (green beans in a soy-wasabi brine) sound insanely good to me. By the way, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Those green beans would be killer in a bloody mary.

By the way, if you want to make a quick, totally yummy pickle at home, try Smitten Kitchen's Pickled Carrot Sticks. Our family plows through them!


  1. I saw these in a whole foods in Virginia and REALLY wanted to buy some, but James talked me out of it, since they're about 8 bucks a bottle. I wanted the "phat beets." Love the packaging!

  2. These look delish! I will have to try the pickled carrot sticks because I'm with you on yummy, savory snacks. I made some spicy refrigerator pickles from the Fresh Everyday Cookbook (one of my faves) that turned out really well. Thinking about this stuff makes me want my grandma's bread and butter pickles too.

    I have to pick up some stuff for a party tomorrow maybe I will find a jar of these little babies.

  3. These are SO good! They always used to have a market stall at the farmers market when I lived in Brooklyn. Free samples of every type of pickle, too! The huz would just stand there shamelessly eating pickles while I did the shopping...

    How fun would it be to make your own as holiday gifts for friends and family? Hmmmm...possible project?


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