December 30, 2008

C-Man has entered the Middle Ages phase -- a la kings, queens, dragons, princesses, etc. It's weird how these things happen. One day he is inexplicably obsessed with anything with wheels (before we had bought him any such toys). A few months later, it's trains. That one lasted a lonnnnnggggggg time. Then dinosaurs. Now he talks about The Royal Family like he's had tea with the Queen or something. I really don't know where this stuff comes from. No doubt your little one is the same. This was from this morning.

Mama: What is a king?
C-Man: A boy.
Mama: How about a queen?
C-Man: A girl.
Mama: And a princess?
C-Man: A girl.
Mama: What about a daddy?
C-Man: He's a boy.
Mama: That's right. Now what is a mama?
C-Man: (Thinks for a minute.) She's a boss.

At least he is picking up on something important.


  1. Hmmm, Til is similarly royalty-obsessed. And Santa brought her a castle. I feel a playdate coming on!

  2. So cute, both the conversation and the little guy. I bet he's a crack up most of the time!


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