A Wish List (Just For Fun).

December 15, 2008

B and I have never done the whole wish list thing. He never really wants anything, and he likes to surprise me (or at least try to). He is an excellent gift giver, so this list is just for fun.

The following would be a few things lurking around my Wish List 2008. If I were super fancy, I would make a collage like this or like this. Alas, I am computer illiterate and have no idea how to use Photoshop, so you are going to have to suffer through my list item by item.

I lost one of my favorite basic gold hoops about a month ago. Life just hasn't been the same.

At long last, I am ready to take the skinny jeans plunge. I had been so reluctant for so long. Until I found these. They. Are. Perf. Best denim wash I have ever seen (I'm super picky about this), and I am loving the whole mid-rise thing. Does that make me too much of a mom?
Kiehl's Creme de Corps is my favorite body lotion. And I am just about out.
Oh. And while you're at Kiehl's, can you pick up some of that Lavender and Sea Salts Bath Soak? My girlfriend Krista turned me on to this a couple of years ago and I simply love it.

I really need this cookbook. I make so many recipes from it that I get from other sources. Nobody does vegetables better than Ms. Waters, in my opinion.

Angie has these Prep Bowls by Mario Batali. They also serve as measuring cups, and nest for easy storage! Baby J chewed on these for two days straight during our visit.

They just started selling coffee beans from the best coffee bar on the planet....Rome's Sant' Eustachio.

In 2009, I am going to start having Soup Parties. Easy to prepare, casual, intimate. My kind of entertaining. I'm going to need a bunch of these soup bowls.
A girl can never have too many of the world's greatest panties ever invented, can she?


  1. No! You are not too much of a mom! The mid-rise on the J Brands is perfect. I just bought my third pair, and the love continues to growwwww.

  2. This is funny, at least three of the items on your list are on mine too, I guess great fashionable minds think alike! Cheers!

  3. Nice choices! I love those sweet little prep bowls.

  4. It seems like forever that I've been looking for REALLY GOOD COFFEE to make cappuccinos at home (like they taste and smell in Italy)...I will have to try this one! Thank you, thank you! My friends all want to know who my amazing source is for some of the new foods etc. I've introduced them to...and I'm not telling! :)

  5. those skiny jeans look perfect! and i am so fattered that you like the sea salts from kiehls!!!

  6. Skinny midrise J Brands is DEFINITELY NOT mom territory! You're going to look smashing in those Jora---especially with the classic anti-VPL pretties underneath!

    This is the best list. I would happily invest in a time share on everything you've got here! You'll have to let us know which are your fave recipes from the Waters book.

    Oh, a quick question. A friend of mine just started working as a caregiver for a 4 year old, and she's asked my advice on the best resources for crafts/games. Do you have any sites/blogs/books that you especially love? I'd appreciate your insights if you have a moment to think on it: anne@annesage.com. thanks jora!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. too bad I already bought your gift! ;-)

  9. I'm not a mom and I've now turned to the mid-rise too!!! Maybe we're dare I say it - gulp, getting old... They are sooo comfortable. You'll love them and they'll look great on you.

  10. I say go for the skinny jeans. I bought a pair off the sale rack at Gap a few years ago (they were so cheap, I didn't feel any pressure). I actually like wearing them. The thing to do (for me at least) is to wear them in an age appropriate way, so that I don't look like the 15 year olds walking down the street. Nothing sadder than a 30 something year old mom trying to look like a teeny bopper.

  11. I think your wish list is so sweet. It's perfectly do-able, and I hope Santa brings you everything on it. Or at least gets you a nice shopping day to yourself at some point soon.


  12. agree with you on the cute panties and that pair of jean look so good.

  13. i LOVE the mario batali prep bowls. i've had mine (in brown) for about 2 years now and i use them for everything. they're especially good ice cream bowls so you actually eat one serving and not the whole carton;)


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