Favorite Food Gifts.

December 16, 2008

I love giving food gifts...all year round. Homemade are always, always the best, but when that isn't practical, here are a couple of my favorites to send via ye olde Internet:

The Chocolate Babka from Russ and Daughters in NYC is To. Die. I like to send this to new moms, especially, as they are needing the extra pampering and calories. If you have never tried Babka, please do. There is a reason Jerry and Elaine and George had that big fuss over it.

I still never tire of a box of Royal Riviera Pears from Harry and David. They are around a lot more than they used to be, so some would say there are not quite as special, but hot damn. They are the sweetest, juiciest, prettiest (not to mention biggest) pears you will eat all year. I like when they come all by themselves, without any chocolate or nuts or dried fruit to distract.

I also really love the tropical fruit hamper from Manhattan Fruitier. There is nothing like a taste of the tropics in the dead of winter. A very sweet and classy friend of B's sent this to us a few years back and we just stared at it for days it was so beautiful.
A box of heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo. If you think all dried beans are the same and there's nothing swoon-worthy about them, get thee to the Rancho Gordo website and order some. They make a huge difference in taste and texture, plus they have all sorts of varieties you can't find anywhere else. Nice gift baskets too. Grown in beautiful Napa, California.

For you fellow cheese-ophiles out there (I am flat out suspect of anyone who doesn't love cheese, by the way), send something special from Murray's, or better yet, a fine local shop in your area. Nothing says a party quite like some fancy cheese. And, well, something yummy to drink with it but of course.
What are your favorite food gifts to give and receive? Do tell.


  1. Great list. Thank you! I am intrigued by the beans and think Dad will be interested in those (he's always a particular challenge for me in the gift department). I am also interested in Murray's. I've been wanting to send cheeses so that is just the link I needed. Thanks.

  2. oooh i love food gifts too. My faves are toffee and cheese for sure! and of course great wine

  3. Hi Jora! What do you normally give as homemade gifts? I'm thinking food-type gifts this year, so I thought you might have clever ideas!

  4. Hey Barb....well. cookies (of course) are always a hit. Try chocolate dipped biscotti. They last a long time and are a little different. I also like to make and give granola....Orangette has a French chocolate granola recipe I'm dying to try. The Barefoot Contessa's Rosemary Cashews are good if you don't want to do the sweet thing. I also love chutnies at this time of the year.

  5. Oh, I've been dying to try those Rancho Gordo beans!

  6. Granola IS a good gift idea. I hadn't thought of that. Dunno about the fruit, that's a little too virtuous for me at the holidays ;-) I like to give artisan chocolates - Recchiuti, Burdick, or our own local faves, Eclipse, Guanni and Chuao. Fancy hot chocolate mix is also a big hit with most people. The wrappers came yesterday, so I think I might try some caramels over the weekend. Wish me luck!


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