Flat on My Back.

December 9, 2008

That's how I spent 98% of the day yesterday. It was the weirdest thing: one minute I was lying on my side, snuggled up to B, the next minute we hear C-Man wake up and I roll over to see what time it is. Yeah, shouldn't have done that! Something caught/popped/pulled/strained/who knows what and I: Could. Not. Move. As in: COULD NOT MOVE. My neck and area between my shoulder blades just seized up in an enormous amount of pain and told me, "Mama, you aren't going anywhere today."

Luckily, I am feeling about 50% better today, which means: I am still in tons of pain, but I was able to roll and then slide off the bed and into a standing position, nurse Baby J unassisted, make oatmeal for my family, and actually check email. And I am feeling beyond grateful today.

Specifically, I am grateful that I am not a person who has chronic back problems (this is a first for me) -- or chronic pain problems of any kind. I know several people who deal with something like this on a consistent basis, and boy, do I have about a thousand times more empathy for you guys. Lying on your back all day, unable to move your head from side to side is: 1. Painful. 2. Scary. 3. Incredibly Boring.

I am also so grateful for B. I can't imagine being a single mother or a mother with a husband who travels a lot. My kids would not have gotten out of their cribs yesterday if B had not been there. I am not exaggerating.

I am grateful for my generally in shape, hard working body. We all have moments when we don't like our bodies (why can't you be a little tighter? a little thinner? a little taller? a little more like when I was 17?) But today I am thankful for everything it is. It lets me take care of my family and it gets me where I need to go. Really, what else could I ask for?

Lastly, I am thankful for the friends and family who helped out. It isn't always who you would expect, by the way. Maybe you assume one person would be there and another person wouldn't. You really find out who is a helper when you need it most. I'm looking at you, Jojo, Alice and Paula. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

One last thing. I took one flexeril yesterday and man, why would anyone get hooked on muscle relaxers? That thing, yes, probably helped my back some (not enough to be worth it, however). It gave me the worst dry mouth you could imagine, made me totally drowsy and incoherent, and caused me to burst into tears at totally random times. Like when I was talking to Paula on the phone: "I....ca-ca-ca-can't.....p-p-p-p-pick....uh-uh-uh-up......m-m-m-my...baby girl.....wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"

Anyway, hope you all had a better Monday than I did!


  1. bummer....hope you are back on your feet soon and able to enjoy the holidays (and drive yourself to the closest spa for a massage!)

    take care,
    jenny :)

  2. hope you're feelin' better soon!

  3. That is so crazy! My husband did the exact same thing on Friday, only he was putting dishes away! He was stuck on his back all weekend, hollering out orders to me. Unfortunately, I probably wasn't as nice as B was to you. He's finally moving around today, thank goodness.

    Hope you are feeling better soon! It is moments like these where you feel so grateful for good health and a strong body!

  4. I've been there and it STINKS! Here is the man who helped me out if it: Dr. Trevor Sanks, in your neck of the woods. Amazing. I had never been to a chiro, because, like you, I had never experienced such pain like that. The man is amazing. Intuitive and tries every other muscular option first (think massage) before cracking your back. His number: (619) 588-1100
    His info: http://trevorsankschiropractic.chiroweb.com/

  5. Yuck! I hope you're 100% better soon.

  6. I hate it when stuff like that happens and you have to think, "this gal isn't what she used to be". Glad you're feeling better.

  7. I am so glad you are better today. Deep gratitude for our working bodies and the million simple, yet essential things it does for us on a daily basis is something that I think you can only fully experience once it stops working. I am glad yours stopped for only a brief period of time - although I know it seemed like an eternity laying flat on your back in bed!

  8. Oh no Jora! I'm so sorry to hear this and hope it clears up soon. I injured my neck back when I was training to be a pilates instructor and it's been an issue ever since. So I totally feel you on how frustrating an injury like that can be. Glad B was there to lend his support!

  9. Jora, I had no idea. So sorry. Good to hear you are feeling a little better! Love, Holly

  10. Yuck. Happy to hear you are feeling better. Your words about being grateful for our bodies is good food for thought. Especially in this Holiday moment, full of shopping and consumption and craze. An able body, loving family and supportive friends are just about all we need in life. Thank you for the reminder and hope you are feeling 100% better soon.

  11. Jora, SO sorry to hear that... and must share that about 3 weeks ago the EXACT same thing happened to me. Was laying down, rolled over to look at my clock and my whole back seized up. Never had a single back problem before. I have a theory that we carry our 30+ pounders on one side too much, which is why this happens to parents of pre-schoolers. I'm still revoering. Hope yours is quicker!

  12. How awful, Jora! I hope you're feeling better day by day.


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