Are You a Mexico Person?

August 12, 2008

The world is divided in to two groups of people: those who like going to Mexico and those who do not. In my experience, I find there is a big correlation between how a person feels about Mexico and whether or not their parents liked it and took them there as a child. I have always loved all things Mexico and yes, my parents took us there regularly as children. Which is precisely why I just loved finding this site, Lama. {Truth be told, it is a Latin American site, but the vibe is the same in my mind.} I first spied it on sfgirlbybay.

Now, I'll admit: there are a lot of tacky Mexican tchotchkes out there. Think "ceramic-sombrero-wearing-bart-simpson-on-a-surf-board" that you saw in your last car line at the Tijuana border crossing. But there is a lot of cool stuff out there too. It just takes a little patience and determination. Let me show you what I have in mind:
I could totally see these pillows in a kids room, can't you?
I just know this would make doing my 53 loads of laundry per week more enjoyable.
This would make a nice bedside tray.

I love this oilcloth table topper. It would be great for "crafting" with the kids (not that I'm very good at that).

How cute for a kids party?

I could definitely waste an afternoon in one of these, as long as I had a good book, and well, a hard-working babysitter.

Adorable handmade dolls and animals.

I like this little bag. Maybe Baby J could carry it in a couple of years, with a couple favorite toys inside and maybe a snack.

Continuing with the whole Mexico vibe, I also love these Papel Picado banners (for a party or maybe to just hang in your patio area on an everyday would encourage a nap on a hammock or a round of margaritas....or both, come to think of it). Buy them here.

And then, if you're brave enough, get yourself one of these dresses to tie everything together. {Search "mexican embroidered dress" on ebay.} AliceQ rocks this look pretty well...if she can do it, I think I might be able to too.


  1. I think that IS my dress, only shortened. How funny. There are lots of cool ones on eBay. Very cute stuff!

  2. Love, love, love Mexico - like you I have been going since my parents took us as kids. Collect Mexican pottery, silver jewelry, paintings and religious icons. Oh, and about 20 of those dresses - they were the outfit of choice for San Diego teenagers in my day.

  3. I love the dress and had one as a kid. I think I need to get another and be sure Anna has one! I loved going to Mexico as a kid but am a little shy to go right now with the kids. Sorry, I'm a wimp. Not so safe right now.


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