Old School Underwear (For Kids.)

August 26, 2008

I realize I've already lost 90% of you, but this is important. Have you taken a look at the underwear aisle for little boys at Target (or anywhere else for that matter)? Everything is covered with Thomas and superheros and Nemo and Lightening McQueen and all those little creatures we moms love to hate. I couldn't find one pair of solids or stripes or even plaid. (I would have bought plaid, for crying out loud!) But if you go back to the baby section next to the onesies, you can find old school Gerber "training underwear." They're just a little thicker in case of, you know, an accident. But they aren't bulky at all, and most importantly, I don't have to squint when I'm putting them on C-Man. Here are some in blue:
blue undies

I've never seen these in any stores, but they are nice and old-school, no?
Hanna Andersson has nice organic ones for your little precious. My friend Paula tells me they don't have any elastic so they are extra comfy on that soft skin.

C-Man has a few pairs of white boxer briefs too. To be like the big boys.

There's also this option that I posted about way back when. I know C-Man will want all those *other* undies as soon as he finds out they exist, but until then, the underwear aisle is yet another aisle I can't walk down with him in the cart. Ignorance is bliss, people.


  1. I've been on a similar mission. My good friend buys her daughter's underwear in Italy (where she is from originally.) I'm going to look for some when we are there. They are simple, basic and white- a much thicker quality, too.

    While we are at it- do you have any idea where to buy simple, organic cotton, adult underwear? I've been trying to find that as well.

  2. The real question is where can I find man-sized underwear adorned with Thomas, Nemo, and various superheros (all preferably glow-in-the-dark). I am tired of boring ol' solids, stripes & plaids!

    It would be great if I could also get them "a little thicker in case of, you know, an accident."

    Editor in Chief
    What the F**K is Really Going on?!

  3. I actually don't mind the charecter undies because then we can forgo the charecter Tees and shoes. They get their pick and so do I, see win-win. :)

  4. One advantage of the Waldorf School no doubt - fewer kiddos in Dora/Thomas/Nemo merchandise! If I had kids, I wouldn't let them watch anything but Sesame Street, Disney movies, Lawrence Welk and the Mickey Mouse Club. OLD Mickey Mouse Club.

  5. Yeah, Til would probably still be having accidents if she wasn't so motivated to keep the Disney princesses clean and dry.

  6. Jora, check these out, cute and no media..


  7. Hey "Anon" -- So nice of you to grace us with your comment. I will try to locate some "big boy" versions of those underpants if you let me write an op-ed piece in your publication. Once it gets off the ground, that is.

  8. just found your blog and am enjoying your archives! I have the same issue with my son - if you're near an H&M with a kids dept. they have great, plain underwear for little ones with super soft waistbands.

  9. Erin: Thanks for the tip! I think they are putting an H&M in, so I will have to check that out. For the kids stuff of course. ;)


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