What's Buzzing in My Ear.

August 2, 2008

I guess I had one last thing to get off my chest.... I had SUCH a nice visit with Elise this week, and as usual, I have the post visit let-down I get every time she leaves. Three thousand miles is a lot of distance between two people, and the phone only helps so much (besides, I am terrible about all things phone-related....like, I don't check my messages for days at a time...you know, one of those people).

I've been listening to something to keep me company though, and it's helped (just a little). A few years back, Elise turned me on to one of my very favorite artists: Beth Orton. Do you know her? I saw her live a little while back with B and it was amazing. I have such a girl crush on her. There is one song in particular that always makes me feel like Elise is right there next to me. Well, almost.

I miss my friend.


  1. OK, now I'm crying and I don't even know Elise. But she must be incredibly special. Your post made me think longingly of my long-distance girls. If I had my druthers, we'd all still live down the hall from each other like we did in college, or at least in the same town. But no such luck. At least we can take substantial comfort in the family and friends that are within constant touch distance. And always look forward to those occasional raisin-plumping conversations/visits with our faraway soul sisters. ;)

  2. Love Beth Orton (she cries your name is my favorite) although I'm not sure she's going to bring you out of your funk. She's kind of forlorn. Love her voice though.

  3. I'm in my post Jora visit funk too. It happens every time. Of course my plane was delayed out of Dallas and I didn't get home until 3 am and poor J had to listen to me non-stop babble about how great our week was... Tonight I'm going to cook out of one of Jora's old cookbooks to keep her close to me. It won't be nearly as good as her cooking, but thankfully he doesn't know that yet. Miss you my friend.

  4. I LOVE Beth Orton. My favorite song by her is Central Reservation and it ALWAYS reminds me of my best friend Heidi who lives far away from me in Colorado.:)

  5. Beth Orton alway reminds me of this guy I dated during my art school-educated, tattooed, bike messenger phase in San Francisco. He swooned me and then promptly dumped me. Fool. Maybe I should listen to her while playing and laughing with my two adorable children, then I could have a much more favorable association!


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