On Charcuterie and Champagne.

August 8, 2008

A couple of months ago, I got an email from the Kitchn about a birthday party in the sand with charcuterie, champagne and close friends and family. It sounded like the perfect celebration. Plus the photo (above) was inspiration enough. That afternoon I sent an email to 3 girlfriends and invited them over for champagne and charcuterie down by the pool....not the sand, but it was a reasonable substitute. Plus, that meant I could feed the husband, help put the kids down and still slip into a sundress and mosey down to the pool to meet my girlfriends. All without getting into the car and having to drive somewhere.
My favorite thing about this little impromptu party was that it was equally simple and festive. Champagne with cured meats and fancy cheeses? That just says celebration. And I didn't have to cook a thing. Sometimes I get so crazy when I entertain because I want everything to be perfect. Even though I know it is really about the people, I want it to feel special. Plus I love to take care of people. This was a great solution. And I was still able to enjoy the party! I highly recommend copying this party template. I know I need to again sometime soon.
p.s. check out the little man's sandals. :)


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