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August 27, 2008

Hey there - this is Alice from Alice Q. Foodie, doing a little guest post over here today about some favorite new skin care discoveries!

A few weeks ago, my friend Susan and I spent the weekend at the W Hotel in LA for a little R&R. While we had a lot of eating and shopping on the agenda, we chose the hotel specifically because of the Bliss Spa there. (We've done this before,truth be told.) Susan is a skin care/treatment junkie - and I figured my face could use a good scrubbing, so we both booked the Over the Top facial, which combines all of the cleansing and anti aging benefits that they also offer in separate packages - along with a warm oil hair treatment and scalp massage. (Say it with me - "aaahhhh...") Yes, it was indeed "bliss" and it really did seem to make a difference. I loved my technician, Kathryn - she seemed to relish the challenge of plumping up my dehydrated skin, and left no pore unsqueezed - to my chagrin at the time, but delight the next day when I looked in the mirror and saw the results.

On the way out, I was presented with a "Blisscription" where Kathryn had written down a couple of product recommendations. Normally I'd probably ignore something like this, but I'd been looking for some skin care product recommendations, and she certainly seemed to know what she was talking about - so I went ahead and purchased the products she suggested - the Skinceuticals Vitamin B5 Hydrating Gel, and the Bliss Youth as We Know It toner. Actually, I bought the trial size set of all the Youth as We Know it Products, which includes a cleanser, toner, "concentrate", facial moisturizer and eye cream - and wasn't much more than one individual product.


I've been using them for about a week now, and believe it or not, I am noticing some definite improvement. The surface of my skin is smoother and just a little more "glowing" - and especially around my eyes it seems a little tighter.

hydrating b5 gel

The B5 gel goes on under makeup, and I've noticed that my makeup goes on better and stays put longer since I started using it. The idea is that it binds moisture to the skin, which is the second best way to moisturize (according to Kathryn) behind internal hydration. I also like the Youth as we Know It Eye Cream and Concentrate - the face cream is a bit heavy for me, and the toner and cleanser I don't really use. (I already have a moisturizing toner that I like from Pevonia.) Still, I am glad I bought the assortment so I could try them all out, and I would definitely recommend it as the way to go. Overall I love the line - it smells good, it feels good, and I haven't had so much as a single breakout since I started using it - which is amazing for my sensitive skin.

I just wanted to share this little victory because I have tried so many treatments and innumerable products that did absolutely nothing - or made the situation worse - and I am sure I'm not alone in that plight! Your mileage may vary - but I think Kathryn is really onto something here. She also gives a fantastic facial - if you happen to be in LA!

How about you, do you have any skin care secrets or products you'd like to share, or any "little black book" phone numbers to divulge for your favorite beauty specialist? Do tell!

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  1. I love skinceuticals. And here in SD, Sarah at Sarah Elizabeth Slin Care and Joelle at Votre Beaute on W. Lewis St are both great.


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