Money in the Bank.

August 13, 2008

Don't you love those moments with your husband/wife/partner/best friend when you look at each other and say the same thing? That's what B and I did yesterday evening when he brought up the first bucket of heirloom tomatoes from the garden and I decided to line them up on the kitchen windowsill. We looked at each other and said "Money in the bank."


  1. We've started doing that ALL the time. And these look gorgeous! How 'bout you pay me for that table runner in tomatoes - I can't wait! ;-)

  2. Ok! That's it. I AM moving in with you. I have a green thumb and I'm fairly decent in the kitchen. I've never cleaned a chicken coop, but I could learn. We could start a big commune of beautiful gardens, lovely looking things and cute children running amok. :)

  3. Your tomatoes look gorgeous. I line mine up like that, too! And I heart that view from your kitchen. Wow! I was wondering how you kept those beautiful chairs from getting wet in the rain but I forgot it never rains there!

  4. AliceQ: Deal!

    180/360: Sounds great -- you could photograph our communal life together and we could sell it to magazines and get rich!

    KellyT: Thanks! The view out of the kitchen is actually what sold me on the house. BTW, I am working on a "house tour" right now. Stay tuned.


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