Cocktail Friday: Cachaca.

August 22, 2008

Have you tried cachaca? It's that Brazilian alcohol made from sugarcane. I have been trying for some time to get into it, but have yet to find a cocktail I like. I'm sure it would help if I actually went to Brazil to try it there. Must. Go. To. Source.

Anyway. The most popular way to drink it in the States (and maybe Brazil too?) is in a caipirhina. Say it out loud and don't forget next time you order it in some hipster place lest you feel like a fool: KIE-PUR-REEN-YAH. There you go. But I don't really like those drinks all that much myself. I'd always pick a mojito instead. However, the last couple of times I was over at Alice Q's hanging out, we were drinking cachaca and mango lemonade (cuz we're cool like that). These two were made for each other! I don't know what it is....but the cachaca mellows the sweet tart of the lemonade and the lemonade brings some interest to the cachaca (which I find rather plain tasting). Go get yourself some of both, and mix it up together. You'll really like it.

And oh yeah, Alice Q always gets the mango lemonade from Fresh and Easy (she always finds the good stuff!)... so go there, if you have one in your neighborhood.


  1. How about a Mt. Helix Lemonade? It's sunny and warm! I also like to add a sprig of mint for a little color.

  2. Also forgot to mention - the mango lemonade at Fresh and Easy is Organic, which is kind of nice. They also have regular organic lemonade, and pink grapefruit juice - which isn't organic, but makes a mighty fine cocktail.

  3. See? I told you she always finds the good stuff!


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