Last Minute Dinner.

August 14, 2008

We had a five o'clock scramble the other day. Hadn't gone to the store. No real leftovers to speak of. Everyone was hungry. I was a bad girl scout and wasn't prepared (I told you that stuff was aspirational!). Anyway, it turns out Martha Stewart was right. If you have a garden and a well-stocked pantry, a fresh, delicious and nutritious dinner can still be yours! I turned some eggs from the chickens (which I had fortuitously boiled earlier in the day), some steamed green beans from the garden, sliced tomatoes picked by B, leftover boiled new potatoes, some Greek olives in the fridge and some Italian canned tuna (in olive oil, of course) into a Salade Nicoise! I whipped up a little vinaigrette and dinner was served. All in about 12 minutes. Isn't it pretty?


  1. what brand tuna do you use? i have neem having a tough time finding one i like.

  2. Not sure what I used the other night ("Genoa" something or other). Mona Lisa has several good brands. TJs tuna packed in olive oil is also very good.

  3. That is SO great, Jora. Now that is what I'm talking about, move over pb&j's!


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