The Photocards -- Part II.

January 6, 2009

As I've said before, I love getting everybody's photocards at this time of the year. I am definitely not one to throw them out after giving them a once over (shame! shame! to those of you who do). But the dilemma is always how to display them? I've seen clever wires and clips, but even that is a bit crafty for me. I like to keep them somewhere C-Man can get at them (he loves them just as much as I do), so this year I hung them above the fireplace in the dining room.

C-Man could get up on the ledge and look at them, rearrange them, take them down to inspect more closely, etc. The cards got rotated as his interest meandered. It's so great for him to be able to "visit" his far-away friends and family this way and to get to know old friends of mom and dad's.

p.s. If you don't see your card up there, it's probably sitting on the kitchen counter (we couldn't fit some of the later arriving ones). And, I admit, I don't display all of the cards without photos as there just isn't enough space -- sorry!


  1. i love this idea...i'm trying to figure out a way to display all of them next year...

  2. I love the picture cards too! In fact, I've taken down the tree and all of holiday garb, but I can't bring myself to take down the cards! I just read what I thought was a great idea over at Decorno, to save cards year in and out in a big bowl which you put out somewhere every Holiday season, so the new cards go up but the old ones are still around in casual display for looking back and seeing how much we all grow and change. Cute no?


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