We're Into Bugs, People. Big Time.

January 30, 2009

So now it's all about bug collecting. How is it that boys are just boys? I never once thought to ask C-Man if he wanted to go look for bugs in the yard. Believe me, had I known how much it would capture his attention and keep him happy, I would have suggested it a long time ago. There is this area of the yard that has so many ladybugs it's almost a little weird. That's where we've been spending a lot of time lately.

B's dad, also known as "Papa" to the wee ones, does woodworking in his spare time so the kids have a pretty cool collection of handmade wooden toys (that I didn't even have to buy on etsy!). Now including this bug box:Isn't it adorable? That little flap thing on the side slides up so C-Man can stick his bugs in there and observe. Thank goodness he hasn't started torturing them. Yet.


  1. Adorable... and gorgeous. What a nice-looking toy. Lucky little C-man! ;)

  2. that sounds so dreamy. catching ladybugs with your inquisitive son in a beautiful garden with a functional wooden toy made with love by Papa. i know every life has a little bit of everything, but even a little bit of day like that is really something to cherish!

  3. Hmm... maybe Papa should sell those on etsy!

  4. I was coming back to say what Alice Q just said, but she beat me to it. I think you'd have some takers.



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