A Playdate With Snook 'n' Bubs.

January 17, 2009

We had a nice little playdate the other day with the kids of Snook 'n' Bubs fame. Here is Snook and C-Man having a little tea party.
Baby J had her first lunch date with Bubs. They snacked on bluberry muffins and green apple slices. Bubs was a complete gentleman and I totally approve of them getting married someday!!

Right about here is when Heidi and I looked at each other said, "Good grief, we have half a daycare right in front of us. Time to put away that Ramos Fizz!" (Kidding, husbands, kidding.)

Looking forward to more of these. Maybe I can rope in a mother's helper next time and Heidi and I can go brunch on the deck while the kids play.


  1. We had the best time! You completely spoiled us. I'm all for chipping in for a m.h. and some fizz next time!

  2. ha ha! Ramos Fizz is my latest favorite cocktail. That and the French 75. Fun times. Was good to see you at farmer's market yesterday. -Becky

  3. I love the little table and chair set Baby J and Bubs are using.

  4. I just see four young workers from the button factory playing hookey from their responsibilities.


  5. too cute - and i have to give myself a little pat on the back for setting up the mom of snook n bubs with the mom of c-man and baby J :-) when i become a temporary stay at home mom (known as maternity leave) i want to join you!


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