The Kumquat Tree.

January 30, 2009

So there's this sweet little kumquat tree just outside C-Man's room. It has a special place in our hearts because when we first found the house, C-Man was about a year and a half and he fell completely in love with this tree. It was just his size, he could pick the fruit and amazingly enough, he loved those sweet-tart little suckers. It made the house seem meant-to-be for us. He would demand "Not-Nots!! Not-Nots!!" every time we would pull up to the house (we weren't living there at the was being done, so we would come by and visit every day or two to check things out). I think he ate almost all the fruit off of it during that first year.

Well, now the new babe in the house, Miss Baby J, has discovered that tree and she loves it as much as her brother did (he has since moved on to other bugs).

Here she is picking her very own fruit:

And....there she goes. Off to something else:


  1. Oh, I love it. I adore where I live but the idea of being able to have my kids pick their own fruit is mighty appealing. The only time my youngest eats blueberries is in the mountains when he picks them himself. But kumquats...that's hard-core! Good for C and J.

  2. i miss california! to have your kids grow up with citrus trees??

  3. I have a little kumquat tree in my kitchen. I LOVE having citrus in my's the next best thing to living in CA and enjoying them outside...year round. Lucky you!

  4. I think she needs that haircut again! :)


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