A Playlist For You.

January 29, 2009

For the past 5 years or so, my cousin Jevan, who I adore, and his wife Casey, who I might adore even more (sorry, cuz, it's a girl thing!), put together a "Best Of" CD each year and send it out around the holidays. I must say, guys, this year was my favorite. I've been listening to it in the car for about 3 weeks straight now. C-Man and I take turns singing The Kills to each other in the car on the way to school. Really loudly.

They had a "Faceoff" theme this year, which made for a darling cover. See?
Here's the playlist, if you're interested. Casey's picks are the odd ones, Jevan's the even ones. Can't decide whose list I like more. (I wanted to link to YouTube for each song, but alas, no time for that. I did, however, put a link to The Kills' song because C-Man is demanding to hear it.)

1. No One Does It Like You -- Department of Eagles
2. I'm Good, I'm Gone -- Lykke Li
3. Skinny Love -- Bon Iver
4. Buriedfed -- Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
5. California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix) -- Marlena Shaw
6. The Nest Time Around -- Little Joy
7. DLZ -- TV on the Radio
8. Your Protector -- Fleet Foxes
9. Mouths to Feed -- Epochs
10. Language City -- Wolf Parade
11. Gila -- Beach House
12. Fools -- The Dodos
13. Beat -- Thao
14. Nice Fox -- The Rosebuds
15. Donde Esta La Playa -- The Walkmen
16. Cheap and Cheerful -- The Kills
17. Old Old Fashioned -- Frightened Rabbit
18. Torture -- King Khan & The Shrines
19. Icarus -- Santogold and Diplo
20. Soul on Fire -- Spiritualized


  1. What a great gift idea!! Love the faceoff concept too!!

    I will check out the selections - I already have the Beach House selection.


  2. umm...amazing! i envy people like this; it would take me months to put together a project like that.
    speaking of music....spooonful has made me so much cooler with the hubs (he doesn't know my secret source and is really impressed). thanks!


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