Oh, Ina!

January 27, 2009

OK, so have you seen Ina Garten's new "barn"? Sigh. I've always sort of envied her life....I mean, who doesn't? That gorgeous Hamptons house? The endless parties? The insanely beautiful garden? A personal florist to bring armloads of flowers to your home? Skipping over the pond to her pad in Paris? As long as I'm dreaming here, I would like to be a tad thinner and can I keep my husband? Jeffrey's nice and all, but he doesn't quite do it for me the way B does.

I should just stop blabbering and show you the pictures (if you didn't already see them in House Beautiful or all over Blogland). "The Tessa" (as C-Man calls her) was inspired by the "simple country buildings of Belgium." Here's what she has to say about the Belgian aesthetic:

"It's very simple but very country...The whole thing about antiques and modern things together, and natural materials like wood, stone, leather — it's earthy and elegant, which is what I always look for in food. Real and not too perfect. It is what it is. If you start with really good-quality ingredients, you don't need to do much to make food taste great. Funny, I always say this about food, but it applies to interiors as well. Start with good-quality furnishings, and you don't need to do much to make a house look good." Ina, I would kiss you if you were right here in front of me.

The "great room" where the entertaining, cooking and dining gets done:

Gorgeous and functional kitchen. Hard to pull off.

Hello there, Oh Perfect Pantry.

I could so nap in this here bedroom.

I could also make very, very good use of this bathtub. The natural light, people? The best.

I suppose this is where I would read a book while Ina brings out some nibbles and a kir for me.

Did I mention she has one of the prettiest gardens I ever did see?



  1. love that garden! Maybe we could do something like that - without boxes? Or would the squirrels eat it all. I'm not sure I'd care if it looked that good!

  2. every time she cooks in that amazing kitchen and takes the meal to eat outside on the veranda, i get horribly jealous. her house is truly phenomenal.

  3. need barn like this. actually, need pantry like this. it's so perfect with the metro racks and dishes and hostessing supplies stacked just so. also, that fireplace is calling to me.

    do you know what's weird? ina garten is the spitting image of my friend allison's mom. seriously. it's is eerie.

  4. Ok this must be fate! Just yesterday I was searching far and wide throughout blog land for a complete set of theses pics and here you go! THANK YOU!

  5. i am dying, dying! all the white and beige - so serene. i want to go there. where is this barn by the way?

  6. Heaven. Just heaven.


  7. i absolutely love and covet her garden.

  8. I would do just about anything to read and nap in her outside nook...


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