A Little Afternoon Poem.

January 6, 2009

I continue to be in the mood for poetry. However, this time it's the type written by others. (*collective sigh of relief*) My Uncle is an amazing poet (and a painter and other things too). He wrote this the other day after an afternoon visit at the house:

'C-Man and Baby J' (actually, he used their real names)

your two children
shine and gleam,
squeal sounds
of joy
like small round
pebbles of pure gold
or birds of a Spring
morn singing
life! life! life!
to all with ears
to hear.


  1. Your Uncle Pete is pretty awesome, and I have to say that is a very accurate description of your wee ones. Will have to come over and get my fix soon! ;-)

  2. New here.

    What a nice thing to do for someone! I love the idea and the poem.


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