Eating My Words.

January 15, 2009

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Nichole, (who I wish would appear in the comments section here someday as I know she is one of my loyalest readers!) told me when I was pregnant with C-Man that I would eat my words once I became a mother. A lot of them. She didn't specify which ones. She just very confidently and boldly declared this to me one day. Being the somewhat smug person that I can be at times, I'm sure I said something like "hmmmf, yeah right, not me."

Well. That day has come, dear readers. I am eating my words. Had you asked me 5 years ago would I, Jora, ever be the type of mom to procure matching outfits for herself and her daughter, I would have laughed mightily right in your face. Never would I be so, I don't know, LAME. But I have simply broken down and succumbed to the irresistible idea (to me, anyway) of Baby J and me wearing coordinating dresses of this ilk:

You can make fun of me (and my poor innocent baby who has no choice in this matter) all you want behind my back, but anyone who wants to make me feel better about this, please chime in. I did not get matching colors, so you don't have to write me off your cool party invite lists forever.

C'mon, give me some love. How cute will we be at pool parties this summer??

Mexican Embroidered Dress for little girls available here. Moms' versions available on ebay.


  1. I myself have struggled with this odd & seemingly narcissistic urge. I have not gone as far as buying officially matching outfits (probably only bc I don't know where to get them) but I do often look at my innocent little girl walking in front of me and realize that unknowingly we are perfectly matched with jeans, white shirt and choc brown uggs. I remember my mom doing similar things to me and I found it really annoying when I caught on... so lets get it while the gettin is good!:-)

  2. I don't think it's weird especially when the outfits are as cute as those Mexican dresses. I sadly don't have a mini-me but I will admit to coordinating the boys. I usually try to dress them so they have similar colors on. I'm sure someday they will want to just kill me for that.

  3. WHEN my kids (the older two have their own opinions, go figure!) let me influence their dressing options I coordinate them as best I can. I have been known to match the boys as well. I'm not at all above it. (It makes for a nice photo, if I dare share my real intentions.)

    My mom was one of four girls and my grandmother is a very good seamstress. When she was growing up my grandmother made coordinating dresses for all the girls but the oldest would have the biggest flower or gigham and the youngest would have the smallest (so on). I guess it's inbred in me.

    But why resist? Who's giving demerits for sweet thoughts of togetherness?

  4. I think it's sweet when parents are coordinated with their kids... just so long as they're not wearing matching outfits. I guess it's the difference between the kids at the start of "The Sound of Music" in their matching uniforms, as opposed to their cute coordinating outfits at the end.

  5. surely matching polo shirts and khakis for you and B are just around the corner!

    Actually I don't think it's officially a problem until you have your kids' hair dyed to look like yours. Yes, people actually do this.

  6. This picture makes me want to own the dress in every color, wear it more often than is appropriate, and spawn a girl baby RIGHT NOW just so she can wear one too.

  7. That dress is adorable and you should both be wearing them--whether they match exactly or not. Ah, summer!


  8. i would do it...but only with those cute dresses ;-)

  9. you weren't going for something more along these lines?:

    hehe. the dress is great. go for it.

  10. Upon further reflection...I may order some as well. Cinco de Mayo is around the corner and I haven't had one of those dresses since I was a girl. We may end up with different colors though. Anna would love something nice and bright. Me, not so much.

  11. I LOVE it! Something deep within my being tells me that I will probably be ALL over this when I have kids---but only because someone with taste as refined and admirable as yours is telling me that I will ;)

    I say rock those matching outfits! And I agree with Alice Q. about the matching hair dye---I knew a mum who died her 7 year old boy's hair blonde so that her own blonde would look natural...coordinating mexican dresses is a walk in the park compared to that!


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