Monday Meal Planning.

March 16, 2009

This week is a bit unusual. We have different things going on, plus we decided to "shop the garden" and "shop the cupboards" for our meals.

green acres arugula pesto and spaghetti
steamed artichokes

corned beef and green acres cabbage (ok, i do have to buy the corned beef)
farm-fresh steamed new potatoes
spicy mustard
irish soda bread (i plan to eat this for breakfast too, lightly toasted, schmeared with a little butter. i will have it with irish breakfast tea softened with milk and sugar. this combo is divine.)

portuguese kale and potato soup

corned beef hash with poached green acres eggs
green acres mixed greens

What do you have cooking this week?


  1. that's a GOOD question. what the heck are we having for dinner? ;) we're definitely winging it this week, with the home renovations in their final, busy weeks. Last night we had orange-soy glazed salmon and I attempted sesame spinach (so-so results).... tonight it'll probably be Taco Night™ with some leftover steak from the w/e... rest of the week, who knows: but looking at the veg bin, I know carrots, spinach and green beans will show up to the party. Some sort of pasta carbonara with peas might happen, too.

    I'm so envious that you can shop the garden. Being between homes (well, in transition between two, that is) and not having a garden up and going at the new house, I really miss veggies right outside the back door.

    What are you growing this time of year in SD?

  2. I'm only planning baby food this week...That's bad...I have no idea for the adult menu...some bresaola with rucola and shaved parmesan sounds good, though...not much preparation involved!

  3. angel hair with an olive oil, mushroom, parsley, EVOO sauce last night, take-out chinese tonight, and not a clue about the rest of the week.


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