Happiness Is........

March 8, 2009

Eating a perfect steamed artichoke all to myself for dinner. With Olaiya’s Favorite Artichoke Dipping Sauce* . The BEST.

*I cut way back on the butter and it is still extremely delicious.


  1. I love steamed artichokes! Have you used a pressure cooker before? They totally freaked me out, but a friend insisted I buy one...cooks perfect artichokes in 8 minutes!!!

  2. Chicken fried steak makes me happy.
    You should have a healthy dollop of lemon-basil aoili in the center of that artichoke. ahhhhh.
    Keep on being
    Good t-shirts for good girls.

  3. Oh man, artichokes are my favorite vegetable. I used to have one for my birthday every year as a child. Of course, anything dipped in butter, lemon and mustard tastes fantastic...

  4. Tear off, dip, eat, repeat. I agree it doesn't get happier or yummier than that.

  5. How anyone ever managed to figure out that an artichoke is so delectable is beyond me, but I am oh-so-glad they did.

  6. Artichokes are my favorite this time of year. I can't get enough!

  7. My absolute favorite thing to do with a glass of wine, by myself, is eat an artichoke. I cook it in water, garlic, onion, celery and olive oil drizzled over the top. THEN dip the leaves in vegan mayonnaise, lemon and dill. So great!


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