Meal Planning Monday.

March 9, 2009

spaghetti with meatballs
secret red sauce
old school garlic bread

chicken gyros on pita
cucumber salsa

asparagus risotto

creamy polenta
caramelized green acres savoy cabbage


  1. my first comment -- but had to say that I'm making Greek Chicken on Pita w/ Tsatsiki on Tuesday as well! (can't remember where I got the recipe - but it sounds a lot like yours) and tonight we had Risotto Cakes via Ina Garten. i love your site & look forward to your menu plans.

    Karmen in MN

  2. yum yum. I heart risotto with a passion, and hooray for the return of asparagus.

    Jora, I noticed you often have meatless dinners. Ever get any pushback on that? Perhaps B loves his veggies. I'm trying to get the hubby to eat less meat and am always on the lookout for satisfying, meatless (or low-meat) dinners.

  3. I love risotto - just wish that I could make it properly . . .

  4. I think old school garlic bread sounds amazing.

  5. The chicken gyros seem wonderful. I got all the ingredients and will try it soon!

  6. I made the Greek Chicken on Pita w/ Tsatsiki today for lunch. I make tsatsiki quite often but not gyros. Although it's an ugly and cold day weather-wise it was so good it reminded us of many summer trips to Greece!


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