An Unlikely Moms' Group.

April 20, 2009

I'm don't know about you, but when my life changed from working person to mom at home, I was equally intrigued and scared of the idea of moms' groups. I met up with a few different versions...some involving exercise, kids' activities, attachment parenting, and others. They never quite felt like the thing I wanted to make an effort to stay with. I had plenty to occupy my time, plus I had friends that I wanted to see if I had a free morning, you know? But then, walking through my old neighborhood one day when C-Man was just a few months old, I literally ran into a couple of other moms who had boys who were C-Man's age that were starting a, you guessed it, neighborhood moms' group. I knew right away that this group was different. I wanted to hang out with each mom individually, everyone got along, there weren't any other words it was a total aberration in the world of moms' groups (or women's groups in general)! And this is a group of 20+ women.

And here we are 3 or more years later. Some have had second and even third kids, some have moved, most of the boys are now in pre-school, there are lots of new moms (and some dads) who have joined. But we still love to get together. And the coolest thing is that now we have more get-togethers that just involve the moms. These are my favorite. Like the one we had the other night at Shanna's new wine bar in North Park, Mosaic. Shanna (one of the moms if I wasn't clear) and her husband Maz have been working on the place for quite awhile, so I was really excited to check it out. The place looks AMAZING. Great space for a private party, too. Plus, the wine list is interesting and extensive (not that I was able to imbibe or anything). Oh, and they have yummy pizzas and other food (made from scratch). So, yes, this is turning into a plug for Mosaic too!

Anyway, here is a photo Cinthia took of some of us gals. Can't wait for the next Moms' Night Out, ladies!


  1. What a lucky find! My mom is still in touch with the playgroup that she started 34 years ago. There are about 8 core families left (out of about 15), and we still get together every holiday season and to celebrate weddings and babies. Sounds like your group might go the distance!

  2. I read the first sentence of this post and was already starting to nod my head and laugh. Yes. Mom's groups...they're,...what's the word I'm looking for?...unique. : )

    I have my own Mom's group, made up of a bunch of us who used to work together and then went off to have kids around the same time. Although we never really get the kids together, we try to get out once a month (mom's only.) It's very therapeutic!

    Your group looks like fun.

  3. I'm grateful to be a part of this mom's group, too. Someone told me that socializing with other moms doesn't count toward having an actual life outside the home, but I disagree. This group is a connection to families, events, advice--well, you already know.

  4. Lucky you! That's great. What an amazing group to luck into.


  5. awe nice!
    I hope to find some local ladies like this too!


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