April 10, 2009

[Baby J is getting very bold about our off-limits very treacherous staircase. I have to remind her of this several times a day now.]

Me: Baby J, no stairs. NO STAIRS. Absolutely NO STAIRS!

Baby J: [pouty face]

Me: I'm not kidding. NO STAIRS.

C-Man: Yeah, she's not kidding. Because she's not a kid. She's a BOSS.

I'm glad some things are sinking in with him!


  1. He is too clever, that C-Man.


  2. That is adorable!

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one with a climber for a second child. Our 16 month old figured out how to climb on the dining room table this week and is very, very persistent.

  3. OKAY... C-man enforcing so respectful an opinion is not only adorable, it is to be admired! Rigel only encourages his little sister to do the OPPOSITE of what I ask, and more often than not they are in cahoots! What's your secret?

  4. Young and wise, young and wise...

  5. maia too loves climbing stairs. she gets very angry when i insist on holding her hand. what is it with the climbing at this age? stairs, couch, table...

  6. If only Baby J could remind him of that when he's the one doing something wrong... :-)


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