"The Days Are Long, But the Years Are Short."

April 20, 2009

That's the D.R. quote of the day. I found it on a really neat list of Ten Ways to Be a More Light-Hearted Parent which Leigh twittered about this morning. The list is definitely worth checking out, but it's that quote at the end that really stuck with me.

Moms, how true? The days at home with little ones can sometimes feel endless, yet this time feels like it is slipping through my fingertips. For instance, this was my baby just yesterday, er, more than a year ago.And here she is just the other day. "Mom, can you please get that thing out of my face?"Which brings me to the real reason for this post. (You didn't think there was one, did you??) I thought Baby J was going to be my baby. I can't imagine her not being my baby. Alas, there is another baby, and so I thought a name change for her is in order. For the past few months we've been calling Baby J "JuJu." B said it one day and bam. It stuck. The way nicknames sometimes do. So, from here on out, she is no longer Baby J, but "JuJu" (sniff, sniff). You can still call her Baby J if you'd like. I won't mind one bit.


  1. what beautiful pictures...she's such a doll. she can always be your baby even if there's a new one that's technically younger :)

  2. this is SO true! baby is adorable!!

  3. I think of that quote often. It's so true, and helps provide perspective on the more difficult days.

    I LOVE Juju. I used to know one, so it's sweet to hear it again.

    All of your babies will always be your babies. But I'm glad a cuddly little new one is coming along.


  4. i love this list jora. it's perfection. and i love juju...it's actually what i call my sister and my best friend. perfect ;-)


  5. It sounds so cute when you call her Juju. Baby Juju could work. Unless you're thinking about Julian or Julianna for #3. :) But I agree, she will always be your Baby J.


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