Daddy's Girl in the House.

April 15, 2009

We have a big case of daddy's girl going on around here. I am new to this sort of thing....I love my dad very much, but I was never one of these "daddy's girls." Baby J though? Noone makes her happier, it seems. See how she rests her hand on his chest? And she gave me a full animal snarl when I went to try to pick her up myself, which had the sound of "Get away, lady, I'm spending time here with my daddy!"


  1. Oh, I love her little white shoes and tights! She is scrumptious.

  2. Omg she's SO CUTE!! Can i have her?? Borrow her?? ;-)

    I was never a Daddy's girl either. If my Mom so much as put me down, however, i'd start shrieking hysterically. Good times!

  3. P.S. i watch the Baby J dancing clip at least once a week :-)

  4. We have this going on at our house right now, but with my son. He's 20 months old and I think he's figured out that they're both dudes. And I'm not.

    Love the snarl description! Your blog is great... Congratulations on your new little bean.

  5. I was totally a Daddy's Girl, and my own mother never lets me forget it. My daughter, however, will give her daddy a snarl because she only wants me. (Yes, I love it, but I'd also love for her to develop that special bond with her daddy.)

  6. What a sweetie she is in her Easter yellow. Darling.



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