That Vintage Thing.

February 10, 2009

I believe I have mentioned before that I love vintage finds, but I am simply no good at the finding part. I don't have the eye, the patience, the energy, any of it. (You should have seen me traipsing after AliceQ at some thrift stores the other day, pushing the stroller, hand sanitizer in hand, headache from overexertion after 10 minutes. Not a pretty sight. Speaking of, have you checked out AliceQ's etsy store, which offers some of her vintage treasures? You really should. Here's her tagline: "Boho-Modern Vintage Wares from Sunny California - selected by a girl with with an eye for modern, a taste for the bohemian and a serious weakness for whimsy.")

Anyway, this next item is exciting for someone like me. I saw on Design Mom that there is a really cool etsy shop with vintage kids books (most in the $3-4 range). Awhile back I started checking in on this blog written by a mom who reviews a vintage children's book almost everyday. I guess she has so many that she decided to open a little shop and share the goods. Go check it out! If you buy four, she'll throw in a bonus one for kicks and giggles.

C-Man would totally dig this book, given his keen interest in all creepy, crawly things these days.


  1. I didn't know Alice had an etsy page! I will definitely have to check it out. I have a pretty sweet collection of vintage books.

  2. Thanks for the plug dearie! I have so much stuff that I need to list. So much to do and so little time!


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