Yum. Donuts.

February 9, 2009

Somehow, I have let C-Man make it through almost 3 and half years without knowing what a donut is. (Actually, on some perverse mom level, I'm proud of this.) Anyway, the day came a weekend or two ago when James and Alice were having work done in their garden area, so it seemed appropriate to bring some donuts by for the workers, and OK, us too. I wish I had taken a picture of C-Man's face as he looked in the case trying to decide which one to pick for himself. Not surprisingly, he picked the one with rainbow sprinkles. In the car, he told me he would just like to hold his donut and "touch the sprinkles." He made it clear he wanted to save it to eat at Alice's. I snapped this one at a stoplight at the beginning of the drive. I love that he is so very carefully touching those sprinkles and exercising such restraint: Alas, the temptation of a donut is too great. A couple of miles down the road, this is what came up in the camera viewfinder:


  1. this is my favorite post of yours yet. i practically squealed with delight at the idea of C-man having his first donut. plus, how could he not wait to eat that sprinkled piece of heaven?

  2. That sprinkled concoction, my friend, is the Gateway Donut. Be forewarned.


  3. I posted a picture of my 3 1/2 year old with a sprinkle donut just today. He's a third child so unfortunately, this is not his first time!!

    I love what jbhat said about it being the Gateway Donut. Funny!

  4. Wow--I'm so impressed that he made it as long as he did! I wouldn't have even half his restraint and probably couldn't make it out of the store without scarfing one down!


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