February 25, 2009

This one took place early one morning with C-Man sitting at the kitchen counter. We hadn't said anything to each other yet (it was verrrrrryyyyyy early).

(As a little background.....we had never talked about "dreams" with C-Man. I mean, it's a hard concept to get down when you're three, right? Well, maybe not.)

C-Man: Guess what? I dreamed a dream last night.

Me: (trying to get caffeinated as quickly as possible) Really? What was your dream about?

C-Man: (getting very serious and dramatic) A.....CRAZY.....dinosaur.....pooped behind the wall!

The end. Life is simple when you are three.


  1. He really is a funny boy! I wonder why he thought the dinosaur was crazy...

  2. It's nice to start out the morning with a good laugh!

  3. that is so funny, and touching. these really are moments to treasure.

  4. Well I guess if he's going to get you up at 6, the least he can do is entertain you! He's a cutie that one.

  5. Good one! Our 4 year old's first words yesterday morning were "I'm jsut going to be working on my crossword, Mom." Huh? Wha?


  6. So cute! Let's hope the dream isn't referencing something HE did somewhere in your house....


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