Live Life With No Regrets.

February 5, 2009

Like we needed another reminder. But I guess I did.

Last weekend, the matriarch of B's family, Mary Marshall, passed away in her sleep at age 95. She is sort of a great aunt to him, but I think she was really the cousin of B's grandmother (whatever that relation is). Anyway, she was the pioneer, the one who immigrated to America first. The one who sponsored B's mother and her four siblings when they first arrived from the Azores (they had to come in shifts spread over 2 years....moms, can you imagine?). She was never able to have children of her own, but she mothered so many of those kids. I remember the first time I met her and she spoke of "her Tony" who had passed away many, many years ago, but with tears in her eyes that showed it was still fresh. She lived independently until her passing in the house she and Tony shared all those years. She was the type of person who would send a crisp $10 bill when a baby was born with a sweet note. Amazing lady, that Mary. Her house was always spic and span and her mind stayed sharp as a tack.

When I heard the news last weekend, my mind shot to the card I had on my desk that I had been meaning to send her for more than a month. One with a photo of the whole family. How I regretted not calling to get her address sooner as I know she loved getting pictures of the kids and notes about what is going on in all of our lives. So that was a tough reminder. Do the stuff you need to do and don't put it off.

I'll probably be on my self-imposed break for a bit longer.....thanks so much for all the sweet notes and calls. Everything's good, I'm just a bit distracted and uninspired at the moment!


  1. I am so very sorry to hear about the passing of your family member. My thoughts are with you.

    This post struck a chord with me because my entire family is from the Azores, as well (from Terceira). I can so empathize with having such love and admiration for family members who left their old country for a new life on these shores.

  2. B's family is form Terceira too...which means you are probably related to my kids. :)

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss in your family!

  4. Very sorry for your loss. Totally get the self imposed break now. I've been thinking of actually enforcing a computer break on myself, not just blogging, the whole thing. Maybe just a couple of weeks, but sometimes I find that while I get so much from the blogging and the web I also spend lots of time and attention that I could use to focus on other things, like home and family. A tough balance. Hope you feel better soon! ps. Are you still coming to Italy? If you want you can email me

  5. What a sweet story and ever so true.

    I completely understand the need for a break and good grief, lady! You've been going full throttle since you started. :) You deserve a rest. Blogworld will await and those that matter will stick around! I've been shocked with how patient everyone was with me and my sporadic posting, but I desperately needed to get some things in order in my real life!

    One of my favorite quotes is: "Periods of creative inactivity are only fertilization for the next stage."

  6. What a small world! B didn't grow up in the San Joaquin valley, by any chance? Many Azoreans immigrated to that part of the state and it's where I'm from. I've read somewhere that there are more Azorean Portuguese in the San Joaquin valley than there are currenly in the Azores.

    How funny would that be if I were related to little C and J, albiet very distantly? Nuts!


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