summer daydreaming: cabins!

June 30, 2011


Hello friends! It's Blake from Salt, Teak & Fog. Jora also asked me to post something Summer-y while she's off living The Life. I was delighted to write something, since Ms Fabulous Vacations was a high school classmate of mine... and DR is one of my absolute favorite blogs.

And now for something just about the opposite of where Jora is!

Growing up in San Diego, my family always nixed the beachy Summer trips. Yep, I've never been to Hawaii. It's the cruel truth. Instead, we would pack up fishing poles, sleeping bags and latch-hook kits for a two-day (plus, sometimes) drive to Montana. Three kids in a van, lumbering along the scorching desert--anyone getting inspired?? It was fun, actually. Mostly.

Well, way back when my Dad was a teacher (at my high school, before I attended), he and his teaching buddies all purchased small parcels of land in southwest Montana. All in a row. (They called it the La Jolla of MT: funny.) Kind of a random pick, but not a bad idea, turns out. It's gorgeous, wildflowery country. When I was very little, we tent-camped for a good chunk of the Summer. Picture 70s gold tones: grassy fields, semi-naked children, pine cone crafts. The entertainment of a roaring campfire.

My parents casually planned to build a cabin or something more permanent... someday. Well, it was very casual planning because it never happened. Together with my brothers, we now own this little spot of pretty and absolute quiet... and I am an Unrepentant Daydreamer.

So, these days, with my own semi-naked child running around, I'm itching for some sort of cabin or fancy tent thingy, so we can relocate to MT for a good month or so each Summer and I can play Ma Ingalls. Of course, this type of daydreaming requires stockpiling inspiration (thank you, Pinterest!) and slowly making plans of our own.

Here are a couple of my favorite cabin fever-y dreams. Wouldn't you just love to spend a chunk of the Summer here? (You know, when you're not touring France and Italy!)

Classic Rustic Hideaway
With ancient wood-burning cookstove and general kitchen branchy-ness, of course.

I could sip lemonade on that porch for days.

Or, maybe a chic French-style "cabin"?
This cute minimalist retreat is actually right outside Paris.
Which translates perfectly to MT, right?? A girl can dream.

Then again, there's always fancy camping.
I'll never stop loving a classic Airstream or a posh tent.

- header: me
rustic cabinstovekitchen; flower: me


  1. Now you got me day-dreaming too!

  2. the radness!
    where do i start?
    so cool to have a spot you went to as a kid that you can go to now with your cute family. it sounds heavenly.

    and the cabin eye-candy makes me think there could be some camper in me after all!

    rad post... of course! xx

  3. i want to stay in ALL OF THOSE.

    and i kinda love that your fam did that instead of the typical beach vaycay.

  4. Kiersten JohnsonJuly 1, 2011 at 11:34 AM

    Blake, Seriously where exactly in Montana? I grew up spending my summers in the Bitterroot Valley and am now moving back there for good. Funny thing is that I spent my school days in L.A. and summers in Hamilton. We too would drive from Cali to Montana. I L-O-V-E IT!

  5. Hi Kiersten! How funny. Our place is in Madison County, outside of McAllister (near Ennis). Happy moving! I'm a tad jealous.

  6. Those cabins are AMAZING!! Wow. I can't stop staring at the second one.

  7. I think you forgot the Alaskan style cabin... err maybe not. ;)


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