I'm packing my bags....

June 29, 2011

Good Morning!! Michelle here from Pretty Mommy filling in today...first off, I'm super excited to be writing on one of my favorite blogs and so, so inspired by Jora to take the plunge next summer and bring my two kiddos on some grand European adventure...but until then I'm doing a bit of fantasizing about taking a solo trip to some tiny Greek Island where I would spend my mornings walking the cobblestones, exploring crumbling, ancient byzantine castles, and my afternoons in an infinity pool gazing out at the sea with a good book in one hand and a cocktail in the other...no cars, just a trusty bike with a basket for transport, knee high daisies lining the pathways, dinner at the water's edge where I'd stuff myself silly with feta and fresh fish and then jet back home tanned and refreshed to my husband and two girls (who were perfect angels while I was away, right?)
In My Bag:  Sunhat - Chance, Overnighter Bag - Clare Vivier, Arrowhead Amulet Earrings - Dream Collective, Navy Triangle Bikini (hey! this is a fantasy bag...no snickering) - Petit Bateau, Raglan Touring Dress - Loup Charmant, Sandals - K Jacques for Opening Ceremony, Vic Sunglasses - tenoversix, Greece on My Wheels - Edward Enfield...oops, and I almost forgot my favorite new sarong as well that can double as a shawl on chilly nights!
xoxo, M


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