my favorite summer travel.

June 27, 2011

Hello!  Molly here from My Favorite Things.  Jora asked me to post while she is away on a summer holiday with her family and I'd be silly to say no, so here I am.  I thought it fitting to share with you my favorite travel of all time.
 (bondi beach)

My husband's little brother was getting married over in Sydney, Australia - so we courageously thought it a good idea to take a family vacation.  I say courageously because we had a two and a half year old and a ten month old at the time.  The flight was hellishly long (18 hours) but I have such fond memories.  I can vividly recall how comical we looked walking into customs after we landed.  Our two year old pulled his own carry-on, my husband was loaded down with the car seat and multiple bags, I was wearing baby Ben up front, a back-pack, a purse, diaper bag and pulling a suitcase.  See, comical.

And although the trip took lots of planning and in the end lots of flexibility, I love that we were adventurous enough to have jumped at it.  We grew, we stretched and created memories I will always treasure.

What exciting adventures do you have planned?



  1. That is so awesome! And inspiring. I am the type of person who gets super stressed out over quick, domestic flights with 2 kids. I am so proud of you for just going for it!

  2. oh my goodness. i am so impressed that you took that long a flight with two kiddos. it also gives me hope that i can do it one day... sedatives or not!

  3. hanks for providing us such a useful information


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