scouting : italian getaway

August 2, 2010

Photos: Vespa: a 49cc model to get you anywhere around the city. Helmet: not required in Colorado but a necessity in most states. Couple on Scooter: a romantic way to travel together. Italian Men: Life Magazine Archives. Tote Bag: Scooters don't offer much storage so it's a must to have a bag big enough for all your stuff and one that you can wear across your body is also key.

Good morning. I'm Casey over at K.I.D Collective. Jora asked me to put together a couple of posts this week while she's off enjoying some quality time with her family in Italy. I won't lie, I am a wee bit jealous she's traipsing around the country eating gelato and drinking wine for almost a month but that gives me a chance to get to know some of you and I'm excited for that.

Photos: Vespa Girl - source unknown. Sunglasses. Bustier. Shorts. Sandals. Vintage Vespa Ad.

In the spirit of living vicariously through Jora and her Italian getaway, I thought, what's more quintessential Italian than cruising through the city or countryside on a Vespa? Three summers ago, I took the plunge and bought my own scooter, a red Vespa ET2. It's probably my most favorite purchase and definitely my best Craigslist find. Not only is it fun to drive, I get great gas mileage and spend a little more time outside.

Photos: Vintage Vespa Ad. Dress. Messenger Bag. Belt. Wedges. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday.

I love that women wearing skirts ride side saddle. Something I have yet to attempt myself. But I will say, I have worn tons of skirts, dresses and inappropriate footwear and loved every second of the ride. It wouldn't feel right any other way. Thanks for stopping by and Jora, thanks for having me.


  1. Hi Casey! Great post... I'm Vespa obsessed. If I could ride one to work I'd get one in a heartbeat!

  2. lovely post. and that bottom picture makes me want to watch when in rome.

  3. Such cute outfits for those sweet bikes. Would that I could.


  4. Great post, Cas! Math was just telling us we should get a Vespa for him, and a side car for Alexander ;0)

  5. utter coolness.
    someday, I'll get there:).

  6. Alice, you could surely find one to get you to work. And it would be perfect in San Diego.
    Catherine, as soon as someone gets me a sidecar, I'll give Math and Alexi a ride!
    Thanks everyone for the sweet comments.

  7. With my growing family I'd need 3 side cars, but oh how fun are those vespa's!


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